Doing Remodeling Right, What We do To Ensure Your Happiness...

1. On Time

Projects taking longer then planned is one of the biggest complaints homeowners have had when remodeling their homes. @designREMODEL Guarantees that your project will be completed ON TIME or we pay you. This means we will tell you in writing when we will start and when we will finish.

2. As Quoted

The price agreed upon to complete your project is the price you pay. We include everything required to build you a complete kitchen or bathroom. No extras, no umm, we forgot that. Period.

3. Right

There are many wrong ways to remodel a kitchen or bathroom and it's usual driven by a desire to save money. With @designREMODEL, you may pay a bit more yet the work is done right. Everytime.

4. Clean

We're obsessive about this. It's important and puts our work in the best light for you.

5. Specialization

We're all about remodeling baths and kitchens and that kind of focus gives you better results and more value for your remodeling dollar.

6. References

You will can call any of our clients and ask how their experience was. We make it easy by providing you a complete list with names, project type and telephone number.

7. Extra Mile

Many companies focus on cutting corners to make more money or so underquote a job that they can not even dream of doing the little extra that makes your experience better. We'll go the extra mile just to ensure you're delighted!

8. Hands on

We like to dig in and do the work. No sales people passing your project along to the workers while collecting a 50% commission...

9. Communication

We use all methods of keeping in touch. Email, texting and we'll call you and talk to you. A client in the loop is usually a happy one.

10. Choices

You will have many choices of materials and products for your project. We'll help you select the right ones that will fit your lifestyle and budget. We'll also share with you what works and what doesn't.

11. Quality

The right people, products, workmanship and experience for you, will ensure you get the quality you expect.

+ Community. @designREMODEL strives to give back to the communities that we live and work and play in. We support Habitat for Humanity, The Boys and Girls Club of Cape Cod and The Cotuit Center for the Arts.