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  • Professional Designs.
  • Remodeled by Artisans.
  • Start to Finish. Everything is Included.
  • Guaranteed Fixed Project Pricing.
  • Superior Quality Cabinets.
  • Six Year Workmanship Warranty.
  • Our Projects Consistently Top Rated 5 Stars.

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We Do Kitchen Remodeling Right.


10+ Ways We Are Doing Kitchen Remodeling Right!

1. Design In 3D. See the exciting possibilities!
We will create full color images of what your new kitchen will look like. Our design renderings are among the best in the business. No flat or confusing images here.    (Click to See.) 

You will know what your new kitchen will look like BEFORE we start construction.

2. Simple Selections. Skip the showroom shuffle!
We will suggest and provide details on cabinet styles and finishes, cabinet hardware, lighting options, sink, faucet, tile and flooring options, to fit your style and budget.  All of our suggestions will be high quality choices. This is decision making made easy!

This saves you time and money by not running all over town visiting showrooms and being overwhelmed with choices and decision making.

3. Options. It’s your kitchen!
Want to change something we have suggested in our proposal?  By all means. You’re not locked into our suggestions. Want a bigger sink?  Taller Faucet? Or those two-tone pulls that you fell in love with? No problem! 

You will have the flexibility to make choices that fit your taste and your lifestyle. You’re in control.

4. Everything Included. And we mean everything.
Most of the showroom/kitchen dealers are in the business of selling you cabinets. Need them installed? A plumber? An electrician?  “Well…. Here are some business cards of some local trades people who might be able to help you...”

With @designREMODEL, we bring Everyone and Everything to the table that is required to successfully complete your project.

  • Experienced craftsmen to install your beautiful new cabinets level and square.
  • Licensed electricians to ensure your new kitchen is well lit and wired right.
  • Licensed plumbers to correctly and safely install your gas stove and provide a leak free installation of all plumbing fixtures.
  • Artisan tile setter to install your stunning backsplash and a smooth, flat tile floor.
  • Painters that complete your project with crisp clean lines and smooth finishes.
You will work directly with one person on your Project and can rest easy knowing that every detail of your project will be taken care of.

5. Guaranteed Fixed Price. Yes! It can be done.

Homeowners are often delighted to discover that it is possible to do remodeling on a fixed price basis given the stories of massive cost overruns on projects and contractors that play the game of bid low and hit them high with change orders that create end of project sticker shock. With @designREMODEL, we will work with you to design a project that fits your budget and we’ll include everything needed to do your project right. Once you have decided to move ahead with your project, the final agreed upon price of your project will not change unless you change or add something at your discretion.

With our guaranteed fixed price approach, you’ll have Peace of mind knowing exactly what your project will cost.

6. Expertise. Built by Craftsmen.
Kitchens and baths are what we do and do very well.  Everyone on our team has hands on experience, from dealing with the toughest demolition project to adding the final touches and tweaks to make that new bathroom or kitchen just perfect. Many of our trade partners are sole proprietors and do the actual hands on work themselves. You won’t be sold a project by someone wearing a tie nor will you have the lowest bid subcontractors working on your home.

Feel secure knowing your dream kitchen is being built by craftsmen who care about the details of your project from start to finish.

7. Flexibility.  Yes! We can do that.
Many of our clients have expressed appreciation at our flexibility when it comes to adding or changing something on their project.  Yes, it does happen and we’ll make sure you know what it will cost before we proceed. Sometimes we’re even asked to take care of items on the Honey-Do List.

You’ll be happy to be able to check items off your own to-do list!

8. Our Guarantee to you. Peace of Mind.
Our unique guarantee will provide you with peace-of-mine that ensures you will be 100% satisfied with both our services and workmanship. We guarantee that:

  1. We will finish on time.
  2. The Price we quote for your project is what you pay.
  3. Your project (and home) left immaculately clean at completion.

If we fail to meet our criteria set out above, we pay you. Additionally, all of our workmanship is backed by our six-year warranty.

Things sometimes go wrong after a project is completed. We’ll be here to fix them.

9. Quality. It matters.
We believe that quality in remodeling should be more than just tight joints and impeccable craftsmanship. The entire experience should be of high quality.  One example of this:  Many of our clients have complimented us on how our communication before, during and after the project is head and shoulders above other service providers.

You will be treated right before, during and after your project is completed.

10. Hassle Free (Almost)
Our entire remodeling process- our design services, our all-inclusive guaranteed pricing, our ongoing communications with you, our expert and reputable team members, and our policy to always clean up after ourselves is in place to keep your hassles and headaches to a minimum.  

You will benefit from our focus on doing remodeling right for you.

Bonus! Adding Value.

  1. Design/Build makes the most of your remodeling investment by smoothing out the entire process from start to finish. In addition, we save you considerable time by providing one stop shopping.
  2. No middle men. We purchase our cabinets and fixtures direct. No 200% showroom mark-ups.
  3. There is great value and peace of mind in knowing that your new kitchen will be designed right, built right and will add true value to your home and life.

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